Custom Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses

You’ve reached the home of the world’s #1 supplier of custom cable assemblies for aftermarket OBD-II and Jbus devices.

Atek, located in Orange County, California, has been supplying custom cable assemblies & wire harnesses to customers worldwide since 1996. We provide our customers with the dual benefits of offshore pricing and onshore service, including refreshingly responsive communication, first-rate business integrity, and the high level of technical expertise that can only be developed from years of experience.

Our production facilities are ISO certified and our cables are RoHS-compliant and guaranteed to match your approved specifications and samples. We do not compromise on quality – everything we quote and manufacture is made using top quality components, including connector housings, terminals, wire, fuses, tubes, braided sleeving, and other accessories. Whenever possible, we use UL listed parts and materials. We do not take cost-saving shortcuts that sacrifice the quality of your cable assemblies.

We can make cable assemblies and wire harnesses with multi-conductor jacketed cable, flat cable (including but not limited to ribbon cable), and discrete / hook-up wire. For applications in extreme temperature environments we can offer wire with expanded temperature range ratings.

The assembly and manufacturing processes we offer include cutting, stripping, tinning, crimping (including IPC/WHMA-A-620 Rev. A compliance), soldering, terminating, splicing, twisting, sleeving, tubing, heat shrinking, taping, and molding.

We focus in particular on automotive aftermarket cable assemblies, including vehicle telematics and diagnostics, but we make many other kinds of cable assemblies as well, including for sensors and instruments, displays, point-of-sale (POS) scanners and terminals, kiosks, and many other kinds of devices and equipment.

Whatever your application is, send us an email or give us a call to discuss your particular requirements. We can work from your descriptions, sketches, drawings, and/or samples.

Working with our proactive sales engineers will make your life easier, keep your projects on schedule, and result in delivery of both good cable assemblies AND a good experience!


“SmartSplit” SMART OBD-II SPLITTER CABLE – avoid interference between a telematics device and a diagnostics scan tool when both are plugged into the splitter at the same time.

SUPER LOW PROFILE OBD-II male connector with flat cable for automotive aftermarket applications. This ultra short overmold is great for various applications, including when the OBD-II vehicle port has a cover as well as when connector protrusion distance in the foot well area is a concern (i.e., the “bumping knees” problem).

OBD-II SMART ADAPTER that prevents conflicts between telematics devices and OnStar diagnostics system.

EXTENSION CABLES for CalAmp LMU-3000 series and other modules, Enfora / Navman, and other OBD-II (16-pin J1962) and Jbus (6-pin and 9-pin Deutsch) applications.

OBD-II FEMALE CONNECTORS (VEHICLE PORTS) – we have standard (snap-mount and flange-mount / screw-mount) OBD-II connectors as well as a variety of non-standard types, such as for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Citroen, Peugeot, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, and VW.

24V / TYPE B OBD-II cable assemblies.

J1939/13 CABLE ASSEMBLIES  – wire harnesses using Deutsch HD10 series or Amphenol round connectors, including the new higher bandwidth J1939 type II (green color) Deutsch connectors

RIGHT-ANGLE J1939 – 90-degree cable exit orientation available for overmolded Deutsch connnectors.

MACROMELT LOW PRESSURE / LOW TEMPERATURE OVERMOLDING – we can mold directly onto printed circuit boards inside connector overmolds and inside molded cases and enclosures.

CONVERTER CABLES – we make various types of power conversion automotive cables, such as 12VDC (cigarette lighter plug or OBD-II) to 5VDC (such as USB), and voltage bucking to constant 12VDC.

LEMO CABLE ASSEMBLIES – we offer high quality LEMO cable assemblies at very competitive prices.

EZ-DC INTELLIGENT OBD-II CABLE – avoid hard-wiring to ignition sources and lower your labor costs by using this leading-edge smart cable that automatically tells your device whether the vehicle
engine is on.

PROTOCOL CONVERSION SOLUTIONS – custom engineered intelligent cables for converting specific data from one protocol to another.

HARDWARE INTERFACES AND NETWORK ADAPTERS – super miniature OBD-II and Jbus (J1939 and J1708) with GSM, GPS, Bluetooth (including Bluetooth Low Energy – BLE / BTLE), and Wi-Fi for vehicle telematics, data collection, data logging, and other applications. Various connector and cable configurations available.

We have unsurpassed expertise and experience designing and manufacturing various types of automotive aftermarket straight, right-angle, pass-through, and low profile cable assembly solutions, including:

  • OBD-II / Deutsch
  • J1962 / Jbus / J1708 / J1939 / CAN / CIA-447
  • GPS / telematics / tracking
  • Data capture / monitoring / diagnostics

Atek also offers custom tooled and molded enclosures, housings, overmolds, grommets, and strain reliefs!

Email or call us today for a quote or to discuss your needs.

We can work from your descriptions, sketches, drawings, and/or samples.
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